The Top 9 Best Exercises For Weight Loss, Ranked In Order Of Effectiveness

This could be very helpful when choosing your classes if it’s calories you’re counting. Personally, I think the FUN-factor is just as important. I’d much rather go ice skating or pretend to surf in a SurfSET class (see latest post: than jump rope for an hour– is that even possible? But I found this blog post interesting and helpful and though you might too.


Best Exercises for Weight LossMACAELA MCKENZIE

Cranking out any kind of exercise on the regular can help you lose weight, but by strategically planning your sweat fest, you can get to your goal faster—and who doesn’t want that?

To make your workouts as efficient as possible, we ranked the best exercises for weight loss based on calories burned during your workout, including the estimate for the number of calories burned for a 125-pound person and a 185-pound person (the more you weigh, the more calories you tend to burn on any particular task).

And since we know that the calories burned during your workout aren’t the only ones that matter, we spoke with New York City–based trainer Noam Tamir, CSCS, owner of TS Fitness, about how to modify your workout to ramp up theafterburn effect. That way, your body can continue to burn calories at a higher rate—even after you…

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