Another ClassPass Competitor: Move USA

One of the most fun parts of my post-workout has become chatting with other studio go-ers about ClassPass. It’s how I find out about the most popular workouts, and hopefully about some awesome workouts that are less popular so there’s more of a chance I can book one. I’m a HUGE fan of ClassPass, but as their membership increases, it’s getting harder and harder to book coveted spots at places like Barry’s Bootcamp or Exceed (which I still haven’t tried). I now have an alarm set on my phone to go off everyday just before noon in hopes of booking one of those spots. It’s why more ClassPass competitors are cropping up, like FitReserve which promises you can book seats more easily and offers discounts on things like massage and nutrition services.

Talking with fellow yogis at NY Loves Yoga the other day, I learned of a new interesting competitor: MoveUSA. Looks like they offer quite a few studios in NYC as well as in other major cities (including some international locations). Like FitReserve, their homepage says that members get discounts on complementary acitivities like massage, but I found it hard to get more information about that, and in general found their website a little confusing and cumbersome. They have 4 major price plans (some less than and some more than ClassPass’s simple $99/month rate), and then it also looks like there are other “premium” studios for which they charge an additional $10 per class.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.21.25 PM

One thing that seems cool about them is that they have a few more “open gym” partnerships, like with the JCC on the Upper West Side which also includes access to their swimming pool. That’s something I’ve been missing with ClassPass— swim access, but access to NYC pools is fairly cheap through NYParks and Rec. MoveUSA has partnerships with many of the same gyms as ClassPass including Barry’s and Exceed, but not some of my other favorites like BFX, Brick, and Exhale Spa.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.43.34 PMBecause of that, I’m still choosing ClassPass over MoveUSA or FitReserve. However, if I can’t get to Barry’s at least a couple times a month, I may consider switching to FitReserve (cause I’d really like to check out Clay Helath Club) or buying a class package directly at a couple of studios.

Any readers want to share their experiences with either MoveUSA or FitReserve?

4 thoughts on “Another ClassPass Competitor: Move USA

  1. NotSarah says:

    Yes, moveUSA has some benefits, and mostly I’ve been satisfied, but the company charges me 150/monthly instead of the 99 I expected. I have not heard back yet as to why this is so. Furthermore, they don’t warn that they are an INTERNATIONAL company, and I get charged an international surcharge when they charged my card.
    Lastly, I have no idea how to use their “complementary services,” and the app never works for my phone!


  2. Amy says:

    This is the ghetto version of Class Pass. Still several bugs and issues with their app and service. Had problems booking classes multiple times. Issues where my debit card wouldn’t work in their system after 3 months of working fine. Took 2 weeks to fix. They have slim customer service so if you do have a problem they take forever to get back to you even though they say within 15 minutes. If you’re considering buying this do yourself a favor and get Class Pass instead. Oh and they just increased their prices last week….


  3. Allie says:

    I’m in my third week of my first month at Fitreserve and I like it. I paid $120 for the first month 20% discount ($150/month). I’ve reserved and cancelled so many times because of the many choices and checking..and re-checking blogs and yelp reviews about classes. So it’s super convenient and the website is easy to navigate. I’ve never tried Classpass but my co-worker said she never had a problem booking because there’s so many studios to choose from. I’m just about done with my 10 classes and will do another month. I’m hoping to find my favorite fitness and yoga studios and just go to them on a weekly basis. I do agree that 12 would be MUCH MUCH better so I can go 3xs a week. If anyone wants a $50 discount on their first month, email me at =)


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