Running in Jeans

This post is just to say: Go ahead and run in your jeans.


When you get a moment to escape the house, you might not have time to change into gym clothes. Stop caring what the neighbors think. Run in your jeans. I’d avoid running in heels though as I once broke my foot that way, and ended up watching 5 seasons of Lost in two weeks.

But seriously, especially as a parent, there are times when it is really hard for me to get out the door. (Like times when my son wraps himself around my calf begging me in his wounded-animal cry.) But sometimes, after my partner gets home from work, I just need even a 10-minute walk around the block to shake off the mania of preschooler drama. And sometimes, breaking into a run helps even more, even if I’m in my jeans.

One of the reasons fewer people get more exercise is that they feel they have to gear-up, be at a gym, and have their game face on. That’s why so many people make a big deal about New Years and feel the need to make resolutions to get more exercise, when really, even 10 minutes, even in jeans counts.

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