ClassPass just got some competition

Look what popped up on my Facebook feed: Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 8.36.50 PM(an ad, of course),

but an ad about some competition for ClassPass, a service that also offers a way to access fitness, dance, rowing, strength training, pilates, and yoga studios all over the city.

It’s called FitReserve, and its website is almost identical in appearance to ClassPass. Like ClassPass, you have to provide your e-mail address and “request an invite” to sign-up. Unlike ClassPass, FitReserve claims to offer access to “peak class times” that can sometimes get filled up before being offered on ClassPass. FitReserve is only in NYC right now, and while it doesn’t have as many studios on its list yet, it does offer access to a couple different ones like Clay Health Club and Spa, as well as offering discounts with partners like Instacart grocery delivery, Bestowed healthy snacks service, and Zeel massage on demand. It’s also a bit more expensive. $149/month gets you 10 classes a month and $249/month gets you 20.

For now, I’m planning to stick with ClassPass, but I’ll be watching to see if FitReserve partner deals and studio access are too tempting to pass up. If Soul Cylce or The Class suddenly deigns to offer classes with them, I’d pay the extra fifty bucks in a heartbeat.

Here’s a breakdown on what I see as the differences between the two:


  • $99/month for unlimited classes at over 300 studios in New York metro area
  • offered in 14 major cities
  • 3 classes per studio each month
  • no included discounts with affiliated partners
  • can be hard to book classes at peak hours for hot studios like Exceed


  • $149/month for 10 classes, $249 for 20 classes at over 70 studios (so far) in NYC
  • offered only in NYC Metro area (so far)
  • 4 classes per studio each month
  • incudes discounts with affiliated partners on things like clothing, healthy snacks and massage
  • access to all classes at included studios, even during peak hours

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