What is ClassPass?

class-passA gym? A passport? A miracle. ClassPass, formerly Classtivity, is an alternative to a gym membership. By signing up on their website, you pay $99/month and get access to take classes at boutique studios all over your city. In the New York metro area that currently includes 326 studios which is up from 308 when I joined three weeks ago, so it seems their popularity is growing. You can also get a ClassPass memebership in 13 other cities including Boston, Miami, L.A., D.C. and Chicago. (If you travel a lot, it’s probably worth getting a ClassPass Flex membership in which you can use your membership in all 14 cities.)

For someone like me who tends to get bored with my fitness routine faster than I can find my running shoes, ClassPass is my savior. It feels like it was made for me. In fact, I’m so psyched I finally joined the blog-o-sphere. So far I’ve tried Yoga, Zumba, indoor cycling, EVF Performance, and something called Yogilaties (a cross between Yoga and Pilates). I plan to try Pilates, CrossFit, and dance classes at Alvin Ailey as soon as possible.

Here’s the skinny on what you can expect with your membership:

Cost: $99/month (no sign-up fee); recurring billing on the day of the month you sign up.

What you get: Access to all the classes at participating studios in your city. You can take as many classes as you like all month long, but only up to 3 classes at any one studio.

Kinds of Classes: Yoga, Pilates, Dance (from ballet to Zumba and Bollywood), martial arts, CrossFit, rowing, rock climbing, pole dancing, strength training, barre, and indoor cycling.

What’s the Catch? You have to sign-up for the classes on the ClassPass website at least 2 hours in advance and if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance you get charged $20. (This is actually quite motivating for me to get to the classes instead of lazing out. Also, their customer service is good, and I think if you had an emergency you could call and talk to them about it. This happened to me when I accidentally booked something I didn’t want to book– they were very nice on the phone.)

PROS: Amazing selection of studios and classes; easy to book; great value for your money if you use it at least a couple times a week and don’t cancel at the last minute; great for people who want to get fit, but are terrified of commitment; easy to put membership on hold or cancel; you can filter a class search by location, studio, or type of class; maps of area studios included.

CONS: Cancelling at the last minute could get expensive; as of yet SoulCycle classes aren’t included (but many other indoor cycling classes like FlyWheel are); when you do a search using their filters option, it doesn’t save your filters so you have to re-enter them everytime you click on a class description (I wrote to them about this issue and they say they are working on it, and that in the meantime you can open the class descriptions in a new tab so as not to lose your filters); you can only go to studios you like 3 times each month and for FlyWheel Studios, that includes FlyBarre.

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